>> How to replace the wiper blades on your smart fortwo

> Replace the Front Wiper Blades

NOTE: The wiper blades are specific to the side they belong.

  1. Fold up wiper arms.
  2. Squeeze the release tabs (item 3) in the direction of the yellow arrows and pull in the direction of the blue arrow.
  3. Unhook wiper blade at the guide (item 2) and remove.
  4. Install in reverse order.

>> Figure A - Front Windshield Wiper

Wiper Figure A
Item Description
1 Wiper Arm
2 Guide
3 Release Tabs

> Replace the Rear Wiper Blade

  1. Fold up wiper arm.
  2. Pull wiper blade in the direction of the blue arrow.
  3. Position new wiper blade and press firmly into place.

>> Figure B - Rear Window Wiper

Wiper Figure B
Item Description
4 Wiper Arm
5 Wiper Blade Assembly

>> Additional Information

  • The wiper blades should be checked every 1 year or 10,000 miles -- replace as necessary.
  • Worn wiper blades can decrease visibility and safety, and also damage the windshield or back window.
  • To avoid scratches, do not operate wipers on a dry window.
  • Genuine smart parts will maximize your vehicle's performance.
  • For further assistance, contact your nearest smart center.
  • Find a smart center near you by going to www.smartusa.com