>> How to change the engine oil & filter on your smart fortwo

> Draining Engine Oil

NOTE: If the drain pan does not fit under the engine or if you cannot reach the oil drain screw and filter, raise the rear of the vehicle. Use the proper equipment to ensure that the vehicle is secured.

  1. Pull up rear carpet and remove engine cover (item 1).
  2. Remove oil drain screw (item 6) and remove seal ring on the oil drain screw. Collect engine oil in a suitable container.
  3. Remove filter screen (item 7) on the oil drain screw (item 6) and clean it.
  4. Unscrew oil filter (item 5). Collect engine oil in a suitable container.

> Figure A - Rear Trunk Area

Oil Filter Figure A
Item Description
1 Engine Compartment Cover
2 Quick-Release Coupling

> Replace the Oil Filter

  1. Wet the sealing ring of the new oil filter (item 5) with new, clean engine oil.
  2. Tighten new oil filter to the engine as specified on oil filter.
  3. Position new seal ring on the oil drain screw (item 6).
  4. Lower vehicle.
  5. Pour specified amount of approved engine oil into oil filler neck (item 4).
  6. Tighten oil filler neck cap.
  7. Conduct engine test run and check engine for leaks while it is running.
  8. Check engine oil level using the oil dipstick (item 3).
  9. Install engine compartment cover (item 1).

> Figure B - Engine

Oil Filter Figure B1

Oil Filter Figure B2

Item Description
3 Oil Dip Stick
4 Oil Filler Neck
5 Oil Filter
6 Oil Drain Screw
7 Filter Screen

>> Additional Information

Mobil 1 Formula M 5W-40
Mobil 1 0W-40
Labco MB 229.5 5W-30
Total Quartz 229.5 5W-30
Elf Excellium 0W-30
Shell Helix Ultra AB 5W-30

Oil drain screw to oil pan  48 ft/lb
Oil filter to timing case cover  10 ft/lb

  • The oil filter and engine oil should be replaced every 1 year or 10,000 miles -- whichever comes first.
  • The smart fortwo takes 3.7 quarts of engine oil.
  • Use only smart approved engine oil for your vehicle and do not overfill.
  • Extending the service period of the engine oil and filter beyond 1 year or 10,000 miles can cause damage to the vehicle and shorten the life of the engine.
  • Never drive your vehicle without the proper amount of engine oil or with the oil filter removed, this can cause engine damage.
  • Genuine smart parts will maximize your vehicle's performance.
  • For further assistance, contact your nearest smart center.
  • Find a smart center near you by going to www.smartusa.com