Scheduled Maintenance Guide

Click Here to download the full 12 year guide in PDF Format (238K).

General Maintenance Information

Genuine Parts and Service

With Genuine smart Parts and Service, you can be assured that your vehicle is getting first-quality service. Your smart center technicians are experts on your vehicle and use smart authorized parts to help keep your vehicle running in top condition.

Maintenance Records

Routine maintenance is the best way to get the performance, dependability and long life you expect from your vehicle. This Scheduled Maintenance Guide outlines what service your vehicle requires and when. Performing the simple services in this guide goes a long way toward preventing major service/repairs and expenses later.

You should keep a detailed record of vehicle maintenance including dates of service, mileage and a description of service(s) performed and any parts that may have been installed.

Owner Maintenance Checks

You should perform basic maintenance checks and inspections to help keep your car performing at top condition.

Every time you stop for fuel:

  • Check the engine oil level using the underhood dipstick
  • Check the engine coolant level in the reservoir
    (do not open the radiator)
  • Check the air pressure for each of the tires for correct tire pressure
  • Check the windshield washer fluid level

Every month:

  • Check the operation of all interior and exterior lights
  • Check the tires for wear

Maintenance Schedule