> Do It Yourself Series

The smart USA DIY (Do It Yourself) series is designed to help smart fortwo owners service their own vehicles. The instructions are written for people who are reasonably comfortable working on their smart fortwo. Some basic mechanical knowledge is assumed.

> Safety First!

Proper installation of genuine smart parts is essential to the safe and reliable operation of your smart fortwo. If you are not comfortable working on an automobile, do not have proper knowledge, tools and equipment, please consider having your vehicle repaired by your smart center. Authorized smart centers employ smart certified technicians who have specific training and experience working on your smart.

The engine compartment poses several hazards. Extreme caution should be taken to avoid injury from moving parts or from extreme heat from engine compartment components.

Do not tamper with sealed systems such as the air conditioning or fuel systems. These systems are under high pressure and sever injury may result from improperly performed repairs.

Exercise extreme caution when raising your vehicle. Be sure the vehicle is centered and that the platform support plates are all positioned correctly and are all the same height. First raise the vehicle only a few inches (wheels are still touching the ground) and check the position and stability of the vehicle before fully raising the vehicle.

The ignition key should always be removed and the parking brake should always be engaged while working on the vehicle.

Before working on the vehicle, familiarize yourself with the location of potentially hot parts.

When Carrying out work, starting the engine, or when engine is running do not touch any hot or rotating parts.

> Genuine smart Parts

Genuine smart parts are manufactured specifically for your smart fortwo and are of the same great quality as the original parts. They have been designed and tested by the same engineers that designed your vehicle and therefore meet OE specifications. The use of genuine smart parts will ensure that your smart fortwo operates at the same peak performance, reliability and safety you have come to expect from your smart.