>> How to replace the battery on your smart fortwo

> Remove the battery

The replacement of the battery involves first removing the passenger foot rest insert.

  1. Pull up passenger carpet and remove foam insert (figure A).
  2. Disconnect battery ground line (item 9).
  3. Remove cover (item 4) from battery.
  4. Disconnect positive cable (item 10) from battery.
  5. Remove clip (item 5) from the positive cable of the bracket (item 6).
  6. Remove nut (item 8) and take off the bracket (item 6).
  7. Remove vent hose (item 7) from the battery.
  8. Remove battery (item 3).
  9. Install all removed parts in reverse order.

> Figure A - Passenger Foot Well

Battery Figure A
Item Description
1 Foam Insert
2 Towing Eye Hook

> Figure B - Battery

Battery Figure B1

Battery Figure B2

Item Description
3 Battery
4 Cover
5 Clip
6 Bracket
7 Vent Hose
8 Nut
9 Negative Ground Cable
10 Positive Ground Cable

>> Additional Information

  • The battery should be inspected and tested every 2 years or 20,000 miles -- whichever comes first.
  • If you are planning to store your vehicle longer than 3 weeks, the battery should be disconnected and placed on a trickle charger to preserve the life of the battery.
  • Genuine smart parts will maximize your vehicle's performance.
  • For further assistance, contact your nearest smart center.
  • Find a smart center near you by going to www.smartusa.com