>> How to replace the air filter on your smart fortwo

> Remove the Resonance Reservoir

The replacement of the air filter element involves first removing the resonance chamber.

  1. Pull up rear carpet and remove engine cover.
  2. Unclip vacuum hose (item 2) from holders on the bracket (item 3).
  3. Detach crankcase vent hose (item 4) from resonance reservoir (item 1).
  4. Loosen screw clamps (item 5) and detach resonance reservoir (item 1) from upper air filter housing (item 6) and from throttle valve actuator (item M16/6).
  5. Unscrew bolts (item 7) and remove resonance reservoir (item 1).

> Figure A - Resonance Reservoir

Figure A - Resonance Reservoir
Item Description
1 Resonance Reservoir
2 Vacuum Hose
3 Bracket
4 Vent Hose for Crankcase
5 Screw Clamp
6 Upper Air Filter Housing
7 Bolt
M16/6 Throttle Valve Actuator

> Replace the Air Filter Element

To remove and replace the air filter element, remove the upper air filter housing.

  1. Release retaining clips (item 10).
  2. Remove upper air filter housing (item 9).
  3. Remove air filter element. Clean any debris from the lower air filter housing (item 11) with a rag.
  4. Install new air filter element ensuring element is properly centered within the housing.
  5. Install all removed parts in reverse order.

> Figure B - Air Filter Housing

Air Filter Figure B
Item Description
8 Air Filter Element
9 Upper Air Filter Housing
10 Retaining Clips
11 Lower Air Filter Housing

>> Additional Information

  • The air filter element should be replaced every 2 years or 20,000 miles -- whichever comes first.
  • A dirty air filter element can cause poor fuel mileage and allow dirt particles to enter your engine, which can reduce its life.
  • Never drive your vehicle with the air filter element removed. Backfiring and harmful dirt ingestion may occur, which can reduce your engine life.
  • Genuine smart parts will maximize your vehicle's performance.
  • For further assistance, contact your nearest smart center.
  • Find a smart center near you by going to www.smartusa.com