100,000 Miles/Ten Year

Maintenance Log

  • Reset maintenance counter in cluster
  • Grease hinges and locks of doors and hatch

Replace the following:

  • activated charcoal filter for A/C
  • air cleaner element
  • brake fluid
  • car key battery
  • engine oil and filter

Check the following:

  • battery fluid level and condition
  • body, underside of vehicle and paint for damage
  • brake system/brake hoses for tightness
  • central locking system for proper operation
  • condition of front axle ball joints and boots
  • condition of steering mechanical components and rubber boots
  • disk brake pads for lining thickness
  • engine coolant level and strength
  • engine, gearbox, tubes and hoses for tightness
  • exhaust system for tightness and correct fixation
  • flat belt for condition and wear
  • headlamp setting, correct if necessary
  • horn, interior and exterior lights, warning lights, A/C system, seat heating for proper operation
  • parking brake function
  • seat belts for damage and proper function
  • tires and wheels for damage, condition and single-sided wear
  • tire pressure, correct if necessary;
    LF____ RF____ LR____ RR____
  • tire tread depth, enter in mm;
    LF____ RF____ LR____ RR____
  • windshield washer system fluid level, correct if necessary
  • windshield wiper blade condition and wiper/washer system function
Dealer Service Verification
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